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The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Trilogy)

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) - James Dashner I always struggle with the second book in a series. So much time is spent just stretching the story out to fit the designated three-book series format. This silly trope of introducing a love triangle in the second book in a trilogy just needs to go. Better yet, let's throw love triangles out altogether, is that something we can do? I spent a large portion of my time reading this book alternating between wanting to chuck it and screaming "WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS BOOK?" at it. I understand that the book was set up for the reader would have those unrelenting questions and want those answers desperately, setting up a pretty effective marketing model, but I'm sick of the same story format repeating itself over and over again in YA trilogies, and I want to be engrossed in a book without asking why it's stretched so thin and seemingly pointless.