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Uncommon Criminals

Uncommon Criminals  - Ally Carter I firmly believe that this series should not be a series. It should have been a stand-alone focused on the main cast of characters trying to determine the identity of Romani. These filler stories are getting boring, and I just don't care. Dragging a story out doesn't increase suspense in this case, it makes the reader lose interest. I don't know if I want to read more in this series, maybe just the final book, whenever that happens. For now, though, it's just filler, it's like the higher level equivalent of the elementary school Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew, mysteries with a well-developed cast of characters, but a droll, predictable plot. I do like the characters, I want to know more about them, and where there are opportunities for character development, the author chooses instead to go with recounting the details of various heists that would work better on screen and losing my attention. There's a great bigger mystery set-up, why not just go with that one and let the story be, instead of adding unnecessary contrivances?