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A Great and Terrible Beauty (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy)

A Great and Terrible Beauty  - Libba Bray I had read the first two novels in Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle trilogy in the past, although I had done so with many years between the two reads, when the books had first been released. This is an intricately woven series and as such, unless the reader possesses a stellar memory (which I do not), should probably be read closer together, with many rereads, for best results. This time around, I read all three novels in a row in the course of about a week, and was not disappointed with the results. I am not a reader who enjoys pieces set in the Victorian Era. It seems too far removed from today, and I find it difficult to care. But Libba Bray manages to craft a world that is both removed from ours today, but still filled with the same basic humanity. These are characters carefully crafted to be known and loved. I don't know how Libba Bray plotted the entire detailed story out, but she must have taken the time and effort to do so, building a full world unlike our own that comes to life. She introduces the new reader to this world alongside Gemma's introduction to the same world, easing us all into a surprisingly full universe. The worldbuilding suggests a great translation to film, if that is ever pursued. Minor complaint of unnecessary flowery descriptions every once in a while, but beyond that, a relatively manageable balance of story elements. Rating: 4.5/5