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All These Things I've Done (Birthright)

All These Things I've Done  - Gabrielle Zevin All These Things I've Done is set in a fascinatingly refreshing future, where things like chocolate and coffee are banned and corruption runs deep. The main character is a girl with a shady family history, just looking to live a normal-ish life under the circumstances. The book maintains a fast-paced intrigue throughout the story's telling, with well-developed main characters and a complicated but clear and compelling storyline. Simply put, this book is good. I did think the main love interest was a little too one dimensional in his perfection, but they still made an adorable pairing. The story's resolution happens pretty quickly, but doesn't feel rushed (or it does, but that's how it should feel, rushed and intense). I did not see that ending coming, although there was some foreshadowing there, and the book definitely left me stunned for hours after finishing. Fantastic writing from Zevin, as usual. Rating: 5/5