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Underworld - Meg Cabot

I've written on my dislike of the first book in the series, Abandon, so I was surprised to see that I liked Underworld slightly more than its predecessor. It's still nowhere near the Meg Cabot I grew to love with The Princess Diaries and Mediator and all her other books, but it was a slight improvement. We got to learn a bit more about John, which was nice, but he's still kind of a controlling boyfriend, and I'm still unsure how to feel about all that. The novel is still slow-paced much like Abandon, but there was a decent amount of suspense to move it along. Alex's storyline had very little appeal and didn't seem to add much to the story, despite pretty much being the main point of the book. This book felt so forced. I'm just not sure what happened to Meg's writing charm, but I wish she could find it again. Rating: 3/5