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All Unquiet Things

All Unquiet Things - Anna Jarzab I love this book. I just love this book. In the hands of another writer, this easily could have turned into one of those bad trashy teen stories about drugs, murders, and girls with no inhibitions, but Anna Jarzab transformed it into a story so much deeper than meaningless teen fun. Her characters are well-developed and complicated, rather than narrow one-sided facades. She put the meaning and depth before the content. Told from the authentic perspective of a dead girl's ex-boyfriend, the story automatically takes on a fresh new angle on a murder mystery--told from the perspective of a confused teen dealing with losing the same girl twice. Most authors would have gone with telling the story from Audrey, the dead girl's friend's, point of view, but Jarzab decided to go a different route, which made for an fascinating story. There's never a dull moment in the intricate storytelling, leading to an intense moment of closure, rather than your typical boy-girl hookup at the end of the story. Rating: 5/5