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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray Holy whoa. I've read the first two books of The Gemma Doyle trilogy, but holy whoa. Libba Bray's writing style took on a completely different life in Beauty Queens in comparison to what I'd seen from her before. No wonder so many in the YA lit community view her as a writing goddess! Beauty Queens is a story you would never expect to actually see published, and when you read it, you realize that it's a story you've been looking to read all along. When you have a plane full of beauty contestants crash on an island in the middle of nowhere, the plot twist possibilities are endless, and anything can and does happen. More than anything, though, the very basic human elements of individual people are revealed in segments simultaneously touching and hilarious. You have some of your typical love story tropes fall into play, but Bray adds her own unique little twists here and there to make each character's story have its unique flavor, leaving the stories to be not-so-typical after all. Some of the plot elements won't make much sense until later on, and it's definitely a book worth a reread or two (or, you know, twenty). Going Bovine is going to be a priority for me to read now, and I can't wait to read whatever Libba Bray decides to write next...but until then, I have the contents of her blog to tide me over.