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Insatiable - Meg Cabot Since every other YA author has made their opinion heard on the trend in YA vampire novels...Meg Cabot decided to join the trend, responding not with a line or two on the subject, but with a whole new book series. I don't want to bore you all with the never ending T-word comparisons, but yes, they exist, and no, Meg, the ending of the book doesn't really make up for it. This is a really difficult review to write, to be honest. I would rather have written it after reading Overbite, but that hasn't come out yet. I'm really not sure what the set-up in this book is going to be leading up to, so it's hard to make any sort of judgments. Half of this book seemed to be passive aggressive jabs at Twilight, though, with the other half emulating the very novel it appeared to mock. Although, I haven't read Dracula, so I'm not as educated as I should be about the background behind this book. It does appear to fall into many of the typical vampire tropes. I do give Meg props for the short, action packed chapters. Unlike many of the recent authors I've been complaining about, the woman really knows how to fill out a story and keep it interesting. I just wish the stories she wrote could go back to what she does best--adorable fluffy YA goodness. Rating: 3/5