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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? - David Levithan I've kind of been on a David Levithan kick lately, which has been fabulous. I got the opportunity to hear him speak on a few panels at LeakyCon this past summer, and have decided that the man is pretty much a genius. I loved the idea behind Are We There Yet? because so many books nowadays have a romance as the main driving force of the story. That's a fun thing to read about and can be very touching, but at the same time, we all have other types of relationships in our lives as well. As a person with two brothers, I found myself relating to so much of what this book was about. The story takes place in Italy, and eventually, a love interest is introduced, and to be completely honest? I felt those things were kind of unnecessary. They were elements introduced to drive the plot along, but the book summary heavily hints that it is this girl that forces themselves to re-think their lives, and while she is a factor, as is the entire trip to Italy, it seems more to be about these two brothers who are finally forced to be in an unfamiliar place with only each other to depend upon. That's the heart of the story, and I wish more time was spent there, rather than wandering around Italian eye-candy, be it landmarks or people.