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The Future of Us

The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler Jay Asher maybe should have reconsidered writing such a smashing debut novel. I'm concerned he won't be able to top it, and the high expectations have been set. It's hard to separate this novel from Thirteen Reasons Why, the latter being my favorite YA. While I'm sure some may have seen the integration of online social networks in a book as being gimmicky, I thought it was a great element, seeing as the internet is such a big part of all of our lives. I hope to see more YA featuring the internet as a story element. The story concept isn't a poor one either, it's pretty compelling to read about destiny vs. free will in a novel aimed at teens, particularly taking into account that the futures are changing and not set in stone. But it's a different book entirely from Asher's previous Thirteen Reasons Why, and I wish it was easier to sever the tie between the two, but considering he's only written the two books, it's difficult. I almost thought this book would make a better television show than crammed into the space of a book. It's a good idea with great potential, but could have been more. I would have wanted more extensive thoughts on the ideas of destiny and free will, bigger life-revelations rather than teen drama, something more along the lines of the words and big ideas that we get from John Green or Asher himself in TRW. He's certainly capable of it, and I wish it had been done that way. Rating: 3/5